Current Devotionals

 These devotionals are designed to encourage you as you prepare your heart for pondering what the sacrifice of Jesus' life means for you in your current season of life, as well as move you to a place of celebration for the new things His resurrection brings!


Set like flint

Jesus always goes first, always prepares the way for you to follow him.  Spend a few moments choosing to place your feet in his footsteps as he takes the journey to Jerusalem and to the cross that awaits him.

i am.jpg

Who are you?

Jesus has invited you to live in complete confidence about who you belong to.  Go with him as answers the high priest on the eve of his crucifixion and choose your response to his invitation.

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silent saturday

Jesus has paved the way for you to peer into the silent, hidden places where his transforming power has been at work for you all along.  Listen in the pause of not understanding for what he's saying to you right now.