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Focusing My Focus

Right now, in this moment, I could choose to focus on:

•   The fact that my second born will move out of our house in 86 days.

•    The truck that’s in the shop and the sinking feeling that it might be the transmission. 

•  The teenage boy’s room that looks like a bomb went off in it.  

 •  The list of weird things my body has done recently that makes me feel like the invitation in my mailbox to join the AARP wasn’t a mistake after all. 

•  The relationship that’s not what I wish it was.

•  The college tuition bills.  All of them.

•  The anxious thought I’ve been giving to the Lord and then taking back again. 

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Two Invitations

The enemy has pursued my soul; he has crushed my life to the ground, he has made me sit in darkness like those long dead.  Therefore my spirit faints within me; my heart within me is appalled." (Psalm 143:3-4)

Those words from David the Psalmist are the obvious result of deep crisis.  David had a number of life events that could have produced them, but he's not alone.  I've been there.  Everyone I know has been there at least once.  We've all tasted of this place of crisis, not just in the physical life being threatened, but the place where the soul is at the brink of death.  The place where thoughts, emotions, decision making, they've all been brought past the point of pain to the shadows where only numbness resides.

And it's there that we have an invitation.  Two, actually.

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The Way I Want To See

"There is beauty and adventure in the commonplace for those with eyes to see beyond."  - Jonathan Lockwood Huie

The older I become, the more I've realized that my life is not made up of hills and valleys like I once thought.  It's made up of tiny moments on the road that stretches over hills and valleys. 

Tiny moments like making my husband a cup of coffee...

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Love Tanks and Simple Acts

This past month was "Pastor's Appreciation" month.  It just might be my family's favorite four weeks out of the year, made fun by the fact that our church appreciates us well.  This last Sunday, all six of us sat in the living room floor and read a huge stack of notes and letters that had been given to us by our congregation that morning.  They had been handed to us in a huge bucket the church had titled our "love tank."  And those letters really did fill our love tanks...

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The Gift That Brings Change

It's the capturing of morning prayers from the first day of school, just four short months ago.  And I was struck by the timing.

Just this last week, I received a letter from one of our church staff.  It reminded us that the prayer team at our church had been praying since February for our family, lifting up to Heaven requests that we ourselves had made at the beginning of the new year.  The letter contained a copy of the prayer request form we had filled out.

As I read over the needs, I was moved by how many of them had been answered.  Some big, some small, all important to our family's hearts.

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A Thankfulness Perspective

10,487 days have passed since I asked Jesus Christ to be my Savior...I am thankful for every day that He has made me more like Him.

6,040 days have passed since I said "I do" to the man who makes my soul complete...I am thankful for every day that has made me love him more.

5, 582 days have passed since I became a mother...I am thankful for every day that has seen children grow under my care.

Just 1,285 days will pass before our oldest will graduate from high school...I am thankful for every day he spends under this roof.

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