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Soul Food

I did it.  I did the thing I've been planning to do for months.  I took a day off and spent it alone, at home. 

I did what I wanted.  I didn't do what I didn't want to do.  I drank two cups of coffee instead of one and didn't even get dressed until after lunch, which I ate alone with only the sound of the dishwasher for company.  I played the piano.  I read a little.  I walked the dog.  I took a nap.  I wrote a poem. 

And I didn't want it to end.

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Trading Stress for Peace

A couple of months ago,  my pastor husband asked if I would mind letting a traveling band of musicians stay in our home for a night.  We were scheduled to be out of town that evening, the church was needing to find them a place to stay after they performed a concert for the congregation, and it seemed like an all-around easy solution.  I said sure, it would be no problem.

Fast forward to T minus 6 days, and it was no longer an easy solution and was in fact a huge problem.  What had I been thinking?  A group of people I didn't know staying in my home without us there?  This called for some SERIOUS CLEANING!

I've always thought of myself as a clean person.  (Almost) everything has a place, and (almost) everything can be put it in its place in pretty quick order in my house.  But, this was not the usual scenario for company.  These people weren't just coming over for dinner or coffee, they were going to shower, sleep, prepare their own breakfast, and possibly do laundry here.  They were going to see into closets, cabinets, bathtubs (shriek!), and who knows, maybe behind couches?

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Be still and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."  - Psalm 46:10

I don’t have much to show for my two years of German in High School.  I know how to count to ten and how to sing, “I’m a foreigner and I don’t speak German very well” to the tune of “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain,” neither of which are all that helpful. 

However, I do have a random German phrase stuck in my head...

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A Heart Refreshed

Our vacation is over. 

We're back at work.  Our son is in two-a-day football practices.  Our daughter started back up with piano lessons.  The eight-inch high lawn has been mowed.  Life is back in rhythm.

And still my heart is treasuring our memories.

The 3,000 miles of car time, listening to music together and playing the license plate game.

The Smoky Mountain beauty and the quiet cabin we called home for a week.

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Finding the Time

I love summer.

I love it because it has this beautiful thing tucked away in its corners, a thing called time.

It's the summer months that time slows down, just enough to allow a deep breath to be drawn in the pauses.  Just enough to do the things you've spent the whole year dreaming about.  Just enough to be refreshed.

So, this summer, I'm making it a point to find the time. 

The tucked away time.

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A Mama's Dream Come True?

Last Friday, something happened to me that hasn't happened in sixteen years.

I was alone.  At home.  I was home alone!

I had put my husband on a plane to Detroit on Wednesday, put my two teenagers on a church bus to New York on Thursday, and then I put my youngest two in a suburban making its way to church camp on Friday.

It was just me and the dog for a whole 24 hours.

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The Joy of Respite

I always love to turn a calendar page, but I can not remember a time I have been so excitedly anticipating turning my weekly planner from one week to the next.  It's not that this week has been terrible, it's just that next week holds something precious---a respite.

It was my husband's idea.  After a season of intense labor in our ministry, he felt we both needed to take some time away on our own.  A time for each of us to get away from daily life to recharge, refuel and be re-envisioned.

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