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Focusing My Focus

Right now, in this moment, I could choose to focus on:

•   The fact that my second born will move out of our house in 86 days.

•    The truck that’s in the shop and the sinking feeling that it might be the transmission. 

•  The teenage boy’s room that looks like a bomb went off in it.  

 •  The list of weird things my body has done recently that makes me feel like the invitation in my mailbox to join the AARP wasn’t a mistake after all. 

•  The relationship that’s not what I wish it was.

•  The college tuition bills.  All of them.

•  The anxious thought I’ve been giving to the Lord and then taking back again. 

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Like A Little Child

When Keegan, my oldest, was little, he was the king of adorable baby talk.  There was "strawbabies" for strawberries.  "Crash can" for trash can.  And my favorite, the basketball "hoot" for that hoop he couldn't quite seem to successfully locate with his tiny, foam ball.

And then there was this. 

"Hold your Keegy, Daddy."

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What Does the Bible Say About Fear?

ear is the most crippling enemy a soul can ever face.  If it is trying to overtake you today, let your heart meditate on the words of Scripture, the best tool for combatting any enemy. 

Even as a follower of Jesus, there may be many things in this life that cause rocks of fear to be hurled at you.  Some are pebbles.  Others are boulders.  The key is to never pick up the rocks.  Instead, build your house with the cornerstone of who God is, your hope and your defense.

Here are ten verses that will shore up your house today, all from the Message Bible (because sometimes it's good to shake up familiar words with a fresh understanding).  Let your heart take delight in the Mightiness of your God...

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It Takes All Kinds

Our family came across a poster this last week that caused a good laugh in our house.  It read, "Introverts your own rooms."

Because we have a full house of six people that is also pretty evenly divided when it comes to introverts and extroverts, we could see the humor.  The extrovert bunch love to go and do, they love crowds, and they are energized by being around people.  The introvert bunch loves the moments of solitude (hard to come by in a house our size), intimate moments with close friends, and being energized by quiet reflection and creative endeavors.

Neither are wrong.  Just different from each other...

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A Heart Refreshed

Our vacation is over. 

We're back at work.  Our son is in two-a-day football practices.  Our daughter started back up with piano lessons.  The eight-inch high lawn has been mowed.  Life is back in rhythm.

And still my heart is treasuring our memories.

The 3,000 miles of car time, listening to music together and playing the license plate game.

The Smoky Mountain beauty and the quiet cabin we called home for a week.

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A Mama's Dream Come True?

Last Friday, something happened to me that hasn't happened in sixteen years.

I was alone.  At home.  I was home alone!

I had put my husband on a plane to Detroit on Wednesday, put my two teenagers on a church bus to New York on Thursday, and then I put my youngest two in a suburban making its way to church camp on Friday.

It was just me and the dog for a whole 24 hours.

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