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India (Part Two)

I have wrestled with how to share of what impacted me the deepest in India.  I have even wondered if I should.  Because I will not be able to relay the beauty of what God is doing in the lives of the broken there, hidden in a city of twenty two million people.

But, I feel I must try.  Because people need to know.

The current statistic for people who are suffering from human trafficking worldwide is 27 million people.  But, there is no statistic that can even come close to communicating the depth of pain in the face of one woman caught in the sex trade...

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India (Part One)

I've returned from a twelve day trip to India, and it's taken me a little while to adjust back to my home time zone, the amazing softness of my own bed, and the ability to turn on the faucet and drink water without wondering if it's clean or not.

Such a simple thing...water.  I use it three or four times an hour throughout my day without giving it a second thought, but for great parts of the world, it's a precious commodity.

During our first day in India, our group walked the streets of a slum in the city of Mumbai, passing row upon row of houses made from whatever supplies were available.

I can't really describe the scene I witnessed except to say it's poverty on a level one simply does not see in the western world.

And then it happened.

We turned a corner, and there in the middle of the slum neighborhood, was life...

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When You Have to Leave Them

My husband and I have had the wonderful privilege of traveling quite a bit in our seventeen years of marriage.  Most of it has been one of us at a time for missions, but a couple of trips have just been for the sheer joy of experiencing new places together.  We love it.

What we don't love is leaving each other or the children behind.

And that part never gets easier for the one who is boarding the plane. 

But, we have found a small way to make it a little easier for the ones left behind...

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Laughter Soothes the Soul, Love Heals the Heart

Author's Note:  I am honored to be featuring a piece written by guest blogger, Paige Allen.  Paige is an amazing woman of God who has the ability to stir passion in your heart when you listen to her speak.  In fact, she recently spoke at a beautiful event in our city as we banded together as women to raise money for a ministry that advocates for those caught in the sex trafficking industry.  When I heard her speak that night, my heart was even more moved for the plight of these precious 27 million people around the globe who are being sold for sex.  So moved, in fact, that I will be traveling with Paige to minister to women in India this November. 

Please take some time to read Paige's report from a previous trip to the country, and allow your heart to be moved as well.  Be blessed as you read her stirring narrative:

I had the privilege of being involved with a retreat in India at one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. It was an oasis in the middle of crazy India and it housed men, women, and children who have been rescued from the streets and all manners of horror.

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The God Of All Comfort

My husband and I just returned from a ten day trip to Eastern Europe.  We spent time in three nations, four hotels, and seven airplanes.  An exhausting, but glorious adventure.  Exhausting because we're getting older and felt the intense schedule a little more than we used to.  Glorious because we spent those ten days encouraging church leaders who are quietly doing the work of the Kingdom day in and day out, in nations where they are not only few in number, but often persecuted.

I was humbled to sit across table after table, drinking coffee after coffee, listening to their stories.

The band of brothers who met Jesus from reading a Bible after communism fell, with no one to help them in their new-found faith.  They are now four churches strong, each a vibrant fellowship...

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