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The God Of All Comfort

My husband and I just returned from a ten day trip to Eastern Europe.  We spent time in three nations, four hotels, and seven airplanes.  An exhausting, but glorious adventure.  Exhausting because we're getting older and felt the intense schedule a little more than we used to.  Glorious because we spent those ten days encouraging church leaders who are quietly doing the work of the Kingdom day in and day out, in nations where they are not only few in number, but often persecuted.

I was humbled to sit across table after table, drinking coffee after coffee, listening to their stories.

The band of brothers who met Jesus from reading a Bible after communism fell, with no one to help them in their new-found faith.  They are now four churches strong, each a vibrant fellowship...

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The Joy of Respite

I always love to turn a calendar page, but I can not remember a time I have been so excitedly anticipating turning my weekly planner from one week to the next.  It's not that this week has been terrible, it's just that next week holds something precious---a respite.

It was my husband's idea.  After a season of intense labor in our ministry, he felt we both needed to take some time away on our own.  A time for each of us to get away from daily life to recharge, refuel and be re-envisioned.

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Sometimes Healing Comes From Strange Places

or several years now, my husband and I have carried around a large burden of guilt and shame.  And it all stemmed from owning a dog. 

We had paid good money for an adorable puppy, even traveling to an airport three hours away to pick her up.  We had brought her home, introduced her to the eager children who had been begging for a dog, and bought all kinds of doggie supplies.  And then our lives had promptly fallen apart.

We couldn't train her to go outside to go potty.  We couldn't train her not to chew everything up.  We couldn't train her not to bite the kids.  We couldn't train her not to jump the fence and run away....every single day.  We were complete failures as dog owners...

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A Thankfulness Perspective

10,487 days have passed since I asked Jesus Christ to be my Savior...I am thankful for every day that He has made me more like Him.

6,040 days have passed since I said "I do" to the man who makes my soul complete...I am thankful for every day that has made me love him more.

5, 582 days have passed since I became a mother...I am thankful for every day that has seen children grow under my care.

Just 1,285 days will pass before our oldest will graduate from high school...I am thankful for every day he spends under this roof.

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