Focusing My Focus

Right now, in this moment, I could choose to focus on:

•   The fact that my second born will move out of our house in 86 days.

•    The truck that’s in the shop and the sinking feeling that it might be the transmission. 

•  The teenage boy’s room that looks like a bomb went off in it.  

 •  The list of weird things my body has done recently that makes me feel like the invitation in my mailbox to join the AARP wasn’t a mistake after all. 

•  The relationship that’s not what I wish it was.

•  The college tuition bills.  All of them.

•  The anxious thought I’ve been giving to the Lord and then taking back again. 

• The exhaustion of wrangling the chaos of May with the end of school and a Senior on top of it all.   

Or, I could choose, right now in this moment, to focus on:

•  The joy of my son, who will wake up in our house for 85 more mornings.  

•  The working vehicles that are taking my people everywhere, all day long.  

•  The teenage boy street football game that’s going on outside my front door.

• The ways I’ve learned to love my body, with all its mom faults and freckles.

• All the friends the Lord has brought into my life this year.

•  The college scholarships. And the memory of the tacos we ate last month in celebration of paying off the last child’s orthodontic bill. 

•   Giving that anxious thought back to the Lord again.  

•   The delight in this moment, right here, right now, with these people.