More than 2,000 years ago, the Jewish people were waiting and watching for their war hero.  The one who would redeem them from Roman rule and free them to be a nation unto themselves.  They were looking for a revolutionary. 

And they got Him.  Just not the one they were expecting.

Because Jesus didn't come to fight wars against flesh and blood.  He came to break His flesh and spill His blood so that all men can be free from the rule of sin.

All men. 

And all women.

Because if there was any area in which Jesus revolutionized the culture He lived in, it was in the way He interacted with women.  When the angel Gabriel came to Mary to tell her she had been chosen to carry the Son of God, that slip of a girl didn't have a voice in her own culture.  She had virtually no rights in the eyes of the law and very few in the eyes of her spiritual leaders.  She was a small piece of the lowest class in her world, not just because of the financial status she was born into, but simply because she was born a woman.

And yet, she was the first person God invited to the baby shower of His only child.

And there were many others.  So many women who got an invitation.  Wealthy women like Mary and Martha and Joanna.  Demon possessed women like Mary Magdalene.  Poor women like the widows of Nain and Zerapheth, the woman with the issue of blood, a crippled woman bent double, and a forgotten woman holding two pennies.  Little girls like Jairus' daughter.  And old women like Peter's mother in law.  Even women the world passionately despised, like the one caught in adultery who was drug to the town square to be stoned until Jesus stepped in.

Women from all walks of life. 

He saw them all.  And His eyes saw past their physical appearance to their needs and to their worth.

For thirty-three years, He showed the world how a man is to treat a woman.  He never shamed them.  He never demeaned them.  He never treated them with anything other than honor.

My Jesus, a revolutionary.  The One who is still issuing invitations to every woman in the world.  The One who hears and the One who sees every single little girl, the ones known and the ones forgotten, the ones who are treasured and the ones thrown away.

My Jesus, a healer.  The One who has taken the sin of mankind upon His shoulders, so that the wounds of women and the wounds of men can be healed.

My Jesus, a king.  The One who will make all things new.