My Favorite Day

After 20 years of marriage, my husband and I have recently had a new experience.  A weekly day all to ourselves.

Technically, I guess it’s not completely new.  There were those 16 months we had alone before our first baby was born.  But, that’s been so long ago, we can’t remember much about them.  And after years of pre-schoolers and homeschoolers, we now have all of our kids in school and also have the same day off from work.  Fridays.  Fridays are the new Christmas.  Because that’s what it feels like.  A gift!  Every single week.  An entire day of coffee, gym time, errands, lunch, laundry, naps, yard work.  It doesn’t really matter what we do.  It’s just a gift to have an entire day to be together.

To talk if we want to talk.

To not talk if we want silence.

To just be, even if we need to get things done.

To be together.

And I believe we consider it a gift because those moments have been rare while raising four kids.  Not that I begrudge one moment of the crazy and the chaos of a big family.  I just appreciate the stillness when it comes, and appreciate it even more when the man I fell in love with is in the same room with me.

And the most joyful part of Fridays?  Realizing we still love being in the same room.  Even after all these years of working in the same office and growing the kids in the same house, I like having him around.  Another gift.  Being alone with someone and still liking them.

Every Monday, I already look forward to Friday.

And it occurred to me sometime today that there is someone who feels that same way about me.  Someone who loves our alone time.  Someone who counts down the days until we can be together, just me and Him.

Someone who still likes me, even though He’s known me for forty years.  Someone who hasn’t even once gotten bored with me.  

In this moment, I could listen to the guilty musings that I don’t return His affection properly.  I could meditate on all the time wasted on trivial distractions instead of in His presence.  And I could try to fix it with checklists and schedules.

Or I could just let Him woo me.  Like a wife responding to the husband who adores her and wants to spend the day with her.  I could turn from the crazy and the chaos and enter into the place where He is.  And the place where He is waiting to be.

To be with me.


A list of discussion topics for your time alone with your spouse, or maybe even for your time alone with the One who loves you most:

* What is a dream you have for you?

* What is a dream you have for us?

* What is your favorite memory of us?

* What is the most beautiful place we’ve ever been together?

* Where would you most like to go together in the future?

* Why do you like me?

* Who do I remind you of?

* How would you most like to spend a day together, if money or location was not an obstacle?

(Then make plans to get as close as you can to your dream, even if it means substituting a local landmark for the Eiffel Tower.)