Still In It

Today is the last day our house will have a child in the single digits.  Tomorrow, the youngest turns 10. 

She is thrilled. 

Her mama is trying to be thrilled.

I love this season we are in, with children getting older, able to do things we've never done before, having conversations we've never had before, laughing together at things they've never understood before. 

The most enjoyment I've ever had as a parent has been this last year or so, seeing each of them beginning to embrace the individuality of who God has created them to be.

And yet, a pause is necessary to reflect on what will happen tomorrow.

A page will be turned.

A new chapter will begin.

There are no little ones in our house any longer. 

They are big people, dreaming big dreams, doing big things.

But, I know it's not over.  We are in this parenting thing for awhile. 

Because they are also still making big piles of laundry.

So, tonight, as I tuck in a nine year old for the very last time, I will hold her close and do my best not to cry until I close the door. 

And then I'll go start another load of laundry.