India (Part Two)

I have wrestled with how to share of what impacted me the deepest in India.  I have even wondered if I should.  Because I will not be able to relay the beauty of what God is doing in the lives of the broken there, hidden in a city of twenty two million people.

But, I feel I must try.  Because people need to know.

The current statistic for people who are suffering from human trafficking worldwide is 27 million people.  But, there is no statistic that can even come close to communicating the depth of pain in the face of one woman caught in the sex trade.  And there is no number that can describe the innocence lost of her child now being brought up in an orphanage with AIDS.  There are no graphs or charts that can move the heart with the enormity of injustice more than seeing it with your own eyes.

And that's what I saw. 

I saw women whose bodies have been freed, still working out the freedom of their souls.

I saw children who have been snatched out of harm's way, only to fight for their lives from disease.

I saw courageous warriors who are risking everything to save those who have no voice.

And I saw so many more who need to be fought for.  So many more...

If you've ever wondered if the seemingly small things you do to help fight social injustice really help, let me be one voice to say they do.  I saw what transformations are happening in the lives of the broken with the help of ordinary people just like you and me.  And they are transformations on such a deep, profound level that I am honored to be counted in the host of people who are joining together to say human trafficking must end, and I will help end it.

So, don't grow weary in the helping, my friend.  If you've never given of your time or money to use your voice for those who have none, find a group you can support.  There are many wonderful people around the world who are doing the work and just need our resources to take it to the next level.  If you already have a group to support, don't stop.  Lives are depending on you.

Remember them.  Don't forget them. 

Because God hasn't.  And what He remembers should be remembered by me.

Author's Note:  Here is a list of Christian ministries I am aware of that are currently actively helping those who have escaped or are trying to escape the sex trafficking trade.  If you need a place to invest in, these would be a good place to start.

Sower of Seeds International

Rescue Her

Eternal Threads