Love Tanks and Simple Acts

This past month was "Pastor's Appreciation" month.  It just might be my family's favorite four weeks out of the year, made fun by the fact that our church appreciates us well.  This last Sunday, all six of us sat in the living room floor and read a huge stack of notes and letters that had been given to us by our congregation that morning.  They had been handed to us in a huge bucket the church had titled our "love tank."  And those letters really did fill our love tanks. 

Some were short, some were long, all were encouraging, and all were precious.

My children have only ever known the life of being pastor's children, and I believe they handle it well.  My husband and I have worked hard to help them understand that while they are our "first church," we also serve a body.  And that service will require sacrifice and will require it often.  They have become used to Dad needing to step out of the room to answer a phone call or leave for the office again after he's already come home for the evening because someone needs him.  They understand that much of the weekend, when they are home from school, is his busiest "work" time. 

They have made peace with the truth that their parents "jobs" involve ministering to people's hearts, and people's hearts still have needs after regular business hours.

So, it was a joy for me to include them in the reading of the letters.  To see them receive the encouragement, thanks, and respect that came through the lines of the many, many pages.  It was a joy because I knew they were being able to see their dad's sacrifice, as well as the sacrifices we make as a family, are worth it. 

Yes, they will always come first.  And they know they have complete access to us, whenever they need us.

But, they also now they are appreciated for the way they share us.

And all because people took the time to put pen to paper and let their thoughts be known.

Such a simple act.  Such profound results.

Whose love tank do you need to fill today?