Finding the Time

I love summer.

I love it because it has this beautiful thing tucked away in its corners, a thing called time.

It's the summer months that time slows down, just enough to allow a deep breath to be drawn in the pauses.  Just enough to do the things you've spent the whole year dreaming about.  Just enough to be refreshed.

So, this summer, I'm making it a point to find the time. 

The tucked away time.

Time to snuggle with my babies under the stars.

Time to do some family hiking.

Time to cook outside.

Time to sleep in and stay in our jammies until lunch.

Time to listen to the rain without thinking about the laundry.

Time to edit some photos and smile at the faces of my children.

Time to brush my daughter's hair and listen to her stories.

Time to read my Bible without a devotional agenda, just to listen.

Time to leave town with my family and turn off the cell phones.

Tucked away time.  What a treasure.