The Gift That Brings Change

I came across this picture today. 

It's the capturing of morning prayers from the first day of school, just four short months ago.  And I was struck by the timing.

Just this last week, I received a letter from one of our church staff.  It reminded us that the prayer team at our church had been praying since February for our family, lifting up to Heaven requests that we ourselves had made at the beginning of the new year.  The letter contained a copy of the prayer request form we had filled out.

As I read over the needs, I was moved by how many of them had been answered.  Some big, some small, all important to our family's hearts.

And I was grateful for those who have poured hours into prayer for my family.

When I look at this picture of my husband's hands enfolding our children and lifting up requests before the Father who loves them more than he does, I'm grateful again.

Grateful that intercession was God's idea, and such a good idea it was.

Grateful that He hears.

Grateful that prayer changes things.

Grateful that the needs we face now, in this moment, can be added to the list.

Grateful that we never have to be without it.