Words From the Heart

My husband and I went out of state this week.  We took our oldest two with us, but left the younger ones at home in the capable hands of good friends.  It's not their favorite thing, really, to be without mom and dad for three days.  They enjoy spending time with friends, but would rather it not be at the expense of missing their parents.

It was a last minute decision as we were rushing out the door, already behind schedule.  I grabbed a couple scraps of paper, fumbled for a pen in the junk drawer, and hastily scrawled a love note to each of them.  I tucked it on their pillows, right next to the beloved stuffed animals.

Just a quick note.  A heart reminder of how much they are loved.

But, oh the joy it brought.  Both little voices told me so when I returned home, the notes carefully saved on the "treasure" shelves.

I shouldn't have been surprised.  It's these two who have still not given up the practice of me making their lunches and have let me know their lunch is not complete without a note scribbled on a napkin.

Such a small act of love to make such a big deposit into a little heart.

And it's not just the little hearts that are blessed by surprise messages.  Even my own heart, at the ripe old age of 36, feels nurtured when my husband writes me a letter or my daughter draws me a picture with a few misspelled words to tell of her love for me.

It's the power of the love note--the words that are able to say "I was thinking of you when you weren't around and I wanted to let you know how much you mean to me."

And no matter what form they come in, whether it be on a banana in a lunchbox or fine stationary in the mailbox, they are treasure indeed.

Some ways to send a love note to your treasured one today:
  • Make a collage out of magazine words that spell out your love sentiment.
  • Send a facebook message to that far-away friend that's been on your mind.
  • Find a free e-card that expresses your heart and send it to someone special's email address.
  • Bake some cookies and attach a sweet note.
  • Roll up a letter, tie it with a ribbon, and slip it under a pillow.
  • Tape a note in the shower entitled "10 Reasons I Love You."
  • Jot a message on a napkin and have it waiting with a treat in your loved one's car when they get out of work.
  • Write a long letter and put it in the mail, even if it's just coming to your house.
  • Write a letter of love to yourself, just like my sweet girl did.