What Vacation Is Meant For

Somewhere in the midst of sweeping out the borrowed travel trailer, loading up the sleeping bags, and digging out the lake gear from the garage, my son asked an interesting question.  "

Why do people go on vacation?"

Why indeed?  Why do we spend money to pack up all our things, give up the comfort of our own beds, drive great distances, spend more money, sleep in strange beds, drive some more, and stand in lines to spend more money before we pack up all our things and drive great distances back to our homes?  Maybe it does seem a little strange.

But, if it is, it's strangely wonderful.

"We go on vacations to refresh our souls."

Because we were created to live life in a garden.  A garden of peace, a place where rest came easy.  So life without rest becomes anxious.

Because we were created to live life in communion with the Father, taking walks with Him in the cool of the day.  So life without time to see the world He created, hand in hand with Him, becomes dry.

Because we were created to live lives of wonder, exploration without end.  So life without adventure becomes stale.

And sometimes it takes a vacation to shake off the anxious, dry, staleness that we've allowed to envelope us.

And if we make a mistake in vacationing, it's not in the taking of one.  It's making it about entertainment, rather than embracing rest, communion, and adventure.

And if there's something we do right in vacationing, it's when we taste enough of the real things of life that we bring them home with us and continue to live them.

May you and your family taste of the real things this summer, and may it refresh you, down to the deepest places of your soul.

Author's Note:  As our family will be vacationing for the next two weeks, Treasure the Ordinary will feature a couple of archived blog posts.  Hope you enjoy dusting off some old "treasure."