My Blue Eyed Treasure

My baby boy turns ten today. 

He's the youngest of the brothers.  The quickest to laugh.  The one who most often drives me to prayer.  His ability to make people smile is unparalleled.  He has not yet located the dirty clothes hamper.  He possesses incredible compassion for the hurting.  He's the only one of our children that has needed a trip to the emergency room--twice.  His imagination is astounding.   His teacher's phone number is on my speed dial.

I have realized he is the answer to my prayer to know what my husband was like as a child.  I would caution you to watch what you pray for, but really, it's a joy to have this desire fulfilled.  I just have to remind myself of that often, encouraging myself by thinking on how well his dad turned out.

And the whirlwind called my son is worth every smile, every anxious moment, and every howl in the dark after stepping on a lego.

Ten years old.  A decade of joy.  I cherish it.

This morning, I held him close and blessed the next decade of his life.  I blessed the choices he will make.  I blessed his ability to hear the voice of God.  I blessed his body, soul, and spirit.

May the next ten years see my baby "grow in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and man."  (Luke 2:52)  And may I, as his mother, remember to breathe every moment into the deep places of memory.

  Even the legos.