An Old Friend Is The Best Friend

One of the deepest joys of growing older is the ripening of old friendships.  When you make a friend in your youth, it is a sweet thing.  When that person remains your friend into your adulthood, it is sweeter still.  And when you still have that friend as you grow old, it is precious beyond measure.

For who but an old friend can laugh with you over the outrageous mistakes you made in your young days, cry with you at the loss of your deepest dream, and at the same time rejoice with you over the answers God sends after a lifetime of prayers?

To know someone's strengths and weaknesses for decades and still call them friend.  To have shared life together for season after season, both the good and the bad, and still enjoy one more meal gathered round the table.  To look upon what someone has overcome and accomplished in their lifetime and find a complete lack of jealousy in your heart towards them, but only gratefulness.

This is old friendship. 

Treasure it. 

Is there an old friend in your life you need to thank today for the way they have grown with you and helped shaped you into what you are at this moment?  Even old friends need to hear from your own lips how much you value who they are to you.  Pick up a pen.  Pick up the phone.  And let them know you'll be around for this season they are facing right now, and the next one, and the next...