Finding My Peace

We found this portrait, drawn on a paper towel by our daughter, and it immediately caught our attention with its pure, simple joy.  When her daddy asked her who it was, she responded without hesitation, "It's Jesus.  He's the Prince of Peace."

It's now my favorite piece of art.

Jesus.  Prince of Peace.

Yes, He is.  And how often I forget it.

When I'm tired.  When I'm cranky.  When my feelings are hurt.  When I feel unappreciated.  When I can't find my keys.

So many little foxes that I allow to spoil my vineyards.  (Song of Songs 2:15)

And still, He is.  The Prince of Peace.  The One who waits for me to realize I find my peace exactly how I find my lost keys.  By asking a simple question.

Where did I leave it?

And in returning to that place that I surrendered my peace, I find Him there, ready to embrace me, hungry to fill me again.

Jesus.  My Peace.