The most beautiful experiences of my life have involved the impossible being brought into existence.

It was impossible for a girl who came from a broken home to grow up to have a healthy marriage, but she does. 

It was impossible for my heart to be freed from self-consciousness and embrace the beauty of who God made me to be, but it has.

It was impossible for my body to function normally after years of suffering disease, but it does.

It was impoossible for that person in my life to become a follower of Jesus, but they are.

It was impossible for four children to live lives that are such exquisite examples of the goodness of God, but they do.

It was impossible for a tiny church in the deserts of West Texas to grow into an oasis of life and love, but it is.

So, how could I ever doubt His power or question His faithfulness?  For He has taken the broken things and mended them.  He has taken the lifeless things and breathed upon them.  And He has taken the impossibilities and made them realities.

"Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  - Matthew 19:26

I choose to remember this the next time I see an impossibility rise up in my life.  It, too, must bow to His goodness.