Creating the Love Spark, Day 8

I love to people watch.  I especially love to couple watch.  My husband laughs at me sometimes when we're in a restaurant and he catches my eyes roving the room.  He usually asks, "What do you see?"

Sometimes I tell him, sometimes I just smile and return to gazing into his eyes instead.

But, I've seen a lot.  I've seen couples who are in love.  I've seen couples who are angry.  I've seen newlywed excitement.  I've seen middle-age apathy. 

My favorite thing to see are the elderly couples who still have something to say each other.  It's even better when they laugh together.

This is what I have set before me as my marriage's life goal.  To still have something to say when we're ninety.  To still laugh. 

And I've realized I get there by gazing into his eyes today.  Speaking my heart today.  Laughing with him today.

What a beautiful way to grow old.