Creating the Love Spark, Day 7

I lead worship at our church.  It's an amazing privilege because there is nothing more beautiful than seeing believers enter into the presence of the Lord.  And music is a doorway for that.  I believe it's because God created music to bypass the brain and go straight to the heart.  There is truly no other medium as effective as music to capture the soul.  The moment a strain of music is heard, it has the power to literally change a person's mood--for good, or for bad.  But, it was created for good.  To move us into a love exchange with Jesus, the lover of our soul.

Music can also be harnessed to move us into a love exchange with our spouse.  Unfortunately, it could also be used to focus on the negative things in a relationship.  We have a choice and an opportunity to use it for the good of our marriages.

Make a playlist of the songs that make you walk down memory lane.  The songs that make you close your eyes and remember what he looked like when he asked you out the first time.  The songs that make you remember the tough season and the way you got through it together.  The songs that cause gratefulness for the beauty of your life to rise up with you.

My playlist is called "Vintage Love."  Even the name inspires me to remember.

So, the next time you're feeling aggravated or upset with your spouse, don't turn the dial to the "he's done me wrong" station.  Play your own music.  And dance to the beat of your own drum.  Let the cadence of your own lyrics remind you why you loved in the first place.