Creating the Love Spark, Day 6

We have a lot of traditions in our marriage.  Most of them we have kept now for years and years, so that they are worn and comfortable, a security blanket of our affection for each other.

We have a tradition for a Christmas gift exchange, a tradition for Valentine's Day, and a tradition for when we are apart from each other on mission trips.  We once even had a tradition for celebrating the day we found out what gender our babies were--got to do that one four times!

We have a few more, too.  And I could list them here.  But, wouldn't it be better to dream up your own?  What is important to you?  What do you laugh together about?  What moves you both?

Answer those questions for yourself and start a tradition that centers around one (or more!) or them.  It will come from your heart and it will wrap the security blanket of affection around your spouse.  And that's a beautifully warm gift.