Creating the Love Spark, Day 5

When we first got married, we worked in at an orphanage.  That meant that our first home was an apartment inside a mansion, complete with kids roaming the halls and a cafeteria.  Our bedroom actually opened into a "public" hallway and had no locks when we moved in, something my husband made his first "handyman" job for his new bride.

We learned pretty early on from this experience the importance of home being a sanctuary.  Especially the bedroom.

It should be a place where peace reigns. 

Here are the things we've done to make sure it stays that way:

  • Our wedding photos are displayed there.
  • Our favorite picture of the two of us is over the bed, a reminder of the joy we find in each other.
  • There has never been a TV in our bedroom, and there never will be.
  • There is a good lock on our door, and the children have been taught to knock when it's closed.
  • We spent quite a bit of money on our bed linens.  They needed to be fit for a king and queen.
  • Throughout the years, we have from time to time, posted a promise from the Lord or a Scripture we were praying over our family on the wall.  We need reminders of what He says about us.
  • A basket of our letters to each other sits in the corner, off-limits from the kids.  It's always waiting if we need a reminder of how the other person really feels about us.