Creating the Love Spark, Day 14

Author's Note:  This is the last day of the "Creating the Love Spark" series.  May the Lord bless you and fan the flame of love in your marriage.

We married young.  And I've never regretted it.

But, there have been times I've wished I could visit that nineteen year old girl who was about to drive away on her honeymoon with her twenty-one year old groom and share a few things she needed to know. 

And if I could pull her aside and look into her eyes glistening with excitement for the road ahead, I would whisper these words.

I would tell her marriage is going to be a little harder than she expects, but more worth it than she has ever dreamed.

I would tell her she is about to discover all the places in her heart where selfishness reigns, and not to be afraid of being schooled into selflessness, because her needs will get met, too.

I would tell her there will be times in her near future when she doesn't know where her next meal will come from as she and her husband make their way into the world, but not to fear lack, for He always brings the next meal.

I would tell her that true intimacy requires utter abandonment of self-consciousness, but that she will eventually gain true self-confidence in the process.

I would tell her that she will be asked to trust her husband in ways she has never thought about, but that she will learn he can hear God, too.

And I would tell her that she will feel the growing pains of the two becoming one for a long time, but that she will never want to return to being half of what she has become.