I See You

I only need to look at my children to see the creative heart of God.  For how else could four people who have the exact same parents and live in the exact same environment be so drastically different?  And yet, each one reflects an amazingly complex combination of God's attributes. 

My child who is secure in who he is at all times, seemingly unaware of the pressure to perform-- he paints for me a picture of the confidence of God.  My son is confident in being himself, like my God is confident being God. 

My child who would lay down his life without hesitation to protect someone he loves-- he reads to me the blueprints of God's shepherding heart.  My son watches over those put under his care with fierce dilligence, like my God watches over me.

My child who can find something to laugh about, even when his heart is breaking-- he models for me the joy of the Lord.  My son knows how to feast at the right table, like the one my God sets before me everyday.

My child who intuitively knows what words to speak to encourage and edify-- she sings me the song from God's own lips.  My daughter is a builder of people, like my God who is slow to anger, but abounding in love.

And I have been entrusted with these people?  I have the honor of seeing first-hand the heart of God put on display in their lives, to learn what those aspects of my God look like when they are played out in human flesh?

And I know that there are other thing as well, fruit that's not from His garden.  And we'll work to get those out, to tend the vine. 

But, I refuse to lose sight of the fruit in them that


 from His hand.

And I will not miss the chance to accept the seeds He offers to me through the privilege of being their parent. 

I will not pass up the opportunity to see that same fruit bloom in my life.

Lord, I see You in my children.  I see You.  And I will keep watch.  And I will not let pride keep me from learning from these You have given to me.  And we will all grow.