Treasuring the Moment

It keeps coming to my mind lately that one day the spot under the swing will actually have grass.  There will come a summer when the blades of St. Augustine won't be kicked around by a wild ruffian and they will grow peacefully. 

There will also come a day when I pull back the shower curtain without finding Barbie mermaids in my tub.

There will be a week that goes by when I don't stoop to pick up granola bar wrappers off my living room floor.

There will be a season when I do laundry and it's done in three loads, instead of thirteen.

There will be a night when I go to bed without tucking anyone in.

And suddenly, these things don't seem at all burdensome.  In fact, they seem like treasures.

  Treasures that make a lump in my throat.  Treasures I don't want to lose. 

These treasures I will hold close today. 

I will savor their goodness and breathe in their joy.