Real Love

starting the coffee pot, when you don’t drink coffee

not having the last word

looking past faults to the value underneath

remembering the moment you met

forgetting the moment he did that thing

putting gas in the car when you know she'll drive it next

cooking the favorite meal, even with the onions

letting the other person pick the movie

leaving with a kiss that says I’ll miss you

greeting with a kiss that says I really did

laughing at the joke, again

wanting to hear the story, again

finishing her sentences

reading his mind

knowing the mind can’t always be read

sharing the last piece of pie

saying she looks good at twenty

saying she looks great at eighty

not buying him what you want for Christmas

inside jokes

passion all night

taking turns with the sick kid all night

knowing when someone needs to talk

letting her cry in your arms

asking for forgiveness when you know you need it

asking for forgiveness when you don’t understand why you need it

knowing they’ll be there tomorrow, and the next day

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