Finding the Precious Amongst the Normal

Mindy von atzigen

Speaker, Writer, Treasure Finder

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Mindy is a staff pastor at a growing church in West Texas, a wife, and a mother of two grown sons and two more teenagers who are preparing to fly the nest.

She loves to preach (often with dramas interspersed), to teach, and to write, all to exhort every believer of Jesus to take up their rightful place in His Kingdom. Her greatest ambition in life is to say “yes” when God calls and to spend as much time as possible on the couch snuggling her dachshund in between.

What I Treasure

Dear Friend,

Thank you for taking some time to look around Treasure the Ordinary!  My prayer is that you’ll find treasures here that will bless you as you apply them to your life.  But, I realize time itself is a treasure, and if you only have a moment to spend, there is one thing I want most for you to know about me.  And that is this:

I am a child of God who is still dreaming huge dreams of changing the world, even as I am discovering that looks different than what I once imagined. 

And because people have more in common than we have differences, I suspect you can find a bit of yourself in that last sentence.  You had dreams once.  Big ones.  Some of them have come true, but many of them haven’t yet.  And sometimes you wonder if the ordinary life you’re living is the one you were meant to have.  I know, because I’ve had the same question.

In fact, I still have questions about my life's purpose, but I also feel God is taking me on a journey that has already supplied some answers along the way.  Here’s a few of those answers: 

·       Some of the biggest dreams I once dreamed have already come true, but I didn’t recognize them.

·       If I’m breathing, I’m supposed to still be dreaming. 

·       I haven’t yet learned to dream big enough.  He has more for me to dream.

·       I really will change the world, one ordinary day after another.

·       These answers aren’t just for me.  They are also for you.

They really are!  And that’s why I’ve carved out a little place in a big online world, to share the journey of ordinariness that leads to the supernatural and spectacular.  Whether it’s through the baring of the soul that comes through the writings found here on the blog, or the in-person encounters that happen through guest speaking, I would love it if your own journey intersected with mine.  It would bring me joy for us to find the treasure He has hidden for us, together.




"Mindy ministers to women in such a real and intentional way that she is one of our most requested speakers.  Her humor, mixed with insightful truth from the Word of God, is a powerful combination that I’ve watched the Lord use many times to bring freedom, healing, and hope to hurting hearts.  She’s also a masterful teacher on leadership, discipleship, and parenting.  I will have her speak to our women for years to come!"

/  Paige Allen  /

Women’s and Outreach Pastor at Church on the Rock, Lubbock, Tx